August 2022 Update

Hi, everyone!

Slough Fort have had an increased number of people attending our increased weekly tours this month.

We also held our 2nd Open Day which again was very successful.  

We secured a grant from the Allhallows Parish Council for £900 this year to help purchase a new door for the Female Toilet in the Fort. Faversham Joinery built the door and frame and delivered it to us this month. It was fitted in time for the Open Day and Parish Council Clerk Chris Fribbins visited us to take a look and some pictures to feed back to the Parish Council. Many thanks to Allhallows Parish Council.

Kian managed to secure a grant from KCF Better Connected for approx. £4000. This will be spent on improved IT equipment, to improve our CCTV and connectivity on site, meaning we will be able to take card payments in the future. It also funded a new A3 printer so we can print our own posters and signs. Many thanks, it will be put to good use.

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