001 - June 2017 Update

001 - June 2017 Update

12 Feb 2021

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our first ever Blog Post!

Going forward we hope to keep this updated once a month or so to keep you all informed of what's been going on up at Slough Fort. 

This month work has begun to restore some of the brickwork in the Central Fort, particularly focussing on the Officer's W/C and the Guard Room. The openings for the windows have been restored to their original specifications, and doorways that had been bricked up have been opened again.

All the new brickwork will soon be repointed with the correct mix to preserve and weatherproof the brickwork against the elements, while adding the extra touch to make all the work look as original as possible. 

For more information on some of the smaller developments at Slough Fort, as well as information on some of our upcoming events, search 'Slough Fort Preservation Trust' on Facebook.