December 2017 Update

Hello Everyone!

Leading on from last month, the Slough Fort Preservation Trust has continued to work in Casemates Four and Five of the Central Fort, with even more finds being discovered! Some of the finds include an empty Drene shampoo bottle, a Charles Kinloch spirit bottle, and an empty Brooke Bonds Camp Coffee jar, amongst other things.

While working away in the Casemates, the Slough Fort Preservation Trust has also been successful in getting a grant in from Comic Relief. This will go towards a number of things, such as safety equipment and insurance costs, as well as other things. As well as the Comic Relief grant, the Trust has been successful in achieving a grant from Involving Medway. This will go towards setting up a Community Skills Workshop. 

The workshop is funded by an itiative run by the Medway Clinical Commissioning Group designed to encourage people to get involved with and help make decisions about health provision in the area. The aim is to help the residents to lead healthier, happier lives through improved participation in their community.

For more information on some of the smaller developments at Slough Fort, as well as information on some of our upcoming events, search ‘Slough Fort Preservation Trust’ on Facebook.

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