February 2020 Update

Hello Everyone!

Our 12-Pounder gun has returned to Slough Fort!

Slough Fort News

The gun was sent off for specialised restoration and repair work back in June 2019, and was returned to site earlier this month. After months of hard work, the 12-Pounder is almost ready to be moved to its final position – on top of the Central Fort. 

Some of the work that had to be carried out included the fabrication of a new base and the creation of a shield similiar to the one that the gun’s original crew would have had. As well as this, the gun now pivots, too! As you can see in the photo, the gun has been painted in a protective coating of red oxide.

All that is left to do now is paint the 12-Pounder with its final coat of paint and lift it in to position – both things we hope to have completed well in advance of Slough Fort opening to visitors again in April.

For more information on some of the smaller developments at Slough Fort, as well as information on some of our upcoming events, search ‘Slough Fort Preservation Trust’ on Facebook.

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