January 2022 Update

Happy New Year everyone!

Work has continued this New Year at Slough Fort, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

A relative of one of our Volunteers has very kindly donated two models of Moncreiff Disappearing Guns – the same type that were at one stage installed at Slough Fort. It’s great to see such detailed models of these guns, as they provide valuable insight into exactly how the Fort was used, manned and armed. Would you like to see these models, and learn something new about Slough Fort’s role in protecting the River Thames? Come down on one of our Guided Tours, or visit us on one of our Open Days! To find out more about these, please head over to the relevant pages on our website.

In other news, a number of projects have come into fruition during December and January such the Go Green Project. This project is aimed at protecting the environment in cooperation with the Peninsula East Primary Academy, and was a great success with a number of pupils from the school coming to Slough Fort to learn more about what they can do to help safeguard their local environment.

Lots more has taken place at Slough Fort over the last month. Would you like to learn more about the goings on at your local fort? Head over to the Slough Fort Facebook page, or take a look at our Newsletters!

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