The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to thank our numerous corporate sponsors for their support since the start of our mission to save Slough Fort, with support coming in the form of volunteers, grants, tangible goods, and invaluable advice. 

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LEADER/European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

Restoration of the Magazine Building at Slough Fort has been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The Slough Fort Preservation Trust is extremely grateful for the support we have recieved in installing windows and doors in the Fort. 


Marshalls CPM:

The Trustees of the fort put out a call for a concrete pipe that we could adapt to take a Tett Turret cone and ring. The trust are extremely grateful to Marshalls cpm who not only helped us out with a pipe but made one from scratch for us, including an entrance doorway in the rear of it. Once the pipe was delivered (courtesy of A C Goatham & Son) the ring and cone were placed on top at the entrance to the fort. Once finished it will be within a grassed mound with anti tank concrete cylinders re creating a defensive position for visitors to look at.


The Dulverton Trust:

The Trust are very pleased to have obtained a grant from The Dulverton Trust. The grant will make the roof watertight and sealed. Build on work already carried out. Replace ceiling timbers and allow us to re-decorate the building. All work to be carried out by volunteers. The roof is 3 meters thick but has ingress of water in places which must be sealed. This can only be done by removing the earth covering by hand then applying a coat of ash-felt to seal it. This will then allow for replacement of ceiling timbers and plaster to complete the main repairs to the building. The final work is to redecorate, using correct materials.


Little Magic Grants:

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust is grateful for their support. A grant was recieved for a project to engage volunteers in the redevelopment of the historical site. The majority of volunteers being elderly, disabled or unemployed and, therefore, don't engage in physical activity. This project aims to get the volunteers active through clearing and building within the historic site.



The Trust is extremely grateful for the donation of man, machine and materials from F.M.Conway involved in the repairing of the access roadway to the fort. The large holes were dug out, infilled and then 80 tons of road scalpings were spread out, leveled and compacted into place. This has not only benefitted the fort but the village as the road also serves the local Youth Club. 

To see a Press Release by the Rochester Bridge Trust regarding the work Conway did for the Slough Fort Preservation Trust, click here



The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to thank Haven for their continued supporting efforts from the very start of our mission to save Slough Fort. Assistance has come in the forms of help from their Grounds team, the provision of tools, and the provision of a 25-year lease for the land Slough Fort is on. 


Heritage Lottery Fund:

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to extend their gratitude to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the grant of £6,000. This money will be put towards a number of ongoing projects, namely the restoration and repair of the 12-pounder quick firing gun, including repairs to the base, manufacture of the missing breach-loading mechanism, and shield. As well as this, these funds will go towards the craning of the gun into its final position, and educational materials. 


We are also gratful for The Resilient Grant from the HLF without this the Trust would not be able to make the restoration possible. The grant we recieved has helped the trust to obtain and secure the fort lease, provide Health and Sefety advice and training for the Trustees and the volunteers. 



The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to extend a huge thank you to GrainLNG, a part of National Grid operating nearby on the Isle of Grain. GrainLNG has provided the Trust with thousands of pounds of tools, equipment and materials. As well as this, National Grid's Community Volunteer Team has come to Slough Fort on a number of occasions to help us on our mission to save Slough Fort. 


AC Goatham & Son: 

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to thank AC Goatham & Son for their assistance in maintaining the land on which Slough Fort resides. AC Goatham provided us with a tractor with mower attachment and a driver across two days, and thanks to their hard work Slough Fort's surroundings are much more managable and well-represented. The simple task of mowing the fields around the Fort would be an impossible task today without the early assistance from AC Goatham. 


DAY Aggregates: 

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to extend their thanks to DAY Aggregates for the provision of 20 tonnes of Type 1 Aggregate with which the Slough Fort access road will be repaired and leveled. This will support the long term development of Slough Fort, with a stable roadway on which we can have visitors, materials and other vehicles access Slough Fort. 


Allhallows Parish Council: 

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to thank the Allhallows Parish Council for their provision of a grant for the creation of Slough Fort guide books. These guide books have proved extremely popular with our visitors, and the Slough Fort Preservation Trust would not have been able to create or print the guide books without the grant from the Parish Council. 


Kreston Reeves: 

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust is very grateful for the help it has received from Kreston Reeves. Reeves recently had a Community Volunteering Day, and Slough Fort was lucky enough to receive their hard work. Thanks to the extensive work carried out by the Kreston Reeves employees, the Slough Fort Preservation Trust is now one step closer to restoring Slough Fort to its former glory.


Involving Medway: 

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to thank Involving Medway for the £1,400 grant towards the setting up of a Community Skills Workshop and the kitting out of the Workshop with tools. The workshop is funded by an intiative run by the Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, and is designed to encourage residents to get involved with their local community. The aim of the intiative is to help residents lead happier, healthier lives through improved participation in community groups and activities. 


Total Ship Services: 

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to express its gratitude to Total Ship Services of Chatham Docks for the provision of a shipping container in which our Community Skills Workshop has been created. This workshop has already been used countless times by a number of residents from the local community, and has proved an invaluable resource for us to have.


The Rochester Bridge Trust:

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust is extremely grateful to the Rochester Bridge Trust for their generous grant of £10,000 towards our 2019 aims. The grant will be spent manufacturing and installing six windows and two pairs of doors to the East Wing Magazine. 


The Ironmongers' Company:

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust would like to extend thanks to The Ironmongers' Company for their generous grant of £2,000 towards 'metalworks' that may be required for the restoration of Slough Fort.