March / April 2022 Update

Happy Pancake Day!

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust’s Trustees and Volunteers have been hard at work once again, and lots has been achieved over this last month – we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to!

Slough Fort is proud to announce that we are now a part of the Wheels of Time education scheme! A fantastic scheme aimed at encouraging young children (ages 3 to 11) to connect with fascinating local heritage in their area and across the county. There are 53 members of the Wheels of Time scheme in 2022, so there’s no shortage of places to visit! If you’d like to tick off Slough Fort from your Wheels of Time list, check out our Guided Tours or Open Days pages on our website to see when you can next come down! Alternatively, click here to head over to the Wheels of Time website and find out more about the scheme and other sites involved.

To find out more about the goings-on at Slough Fort, head over to the Slough Fort Facebook page, or take a read of one of our newsletters here on the website.

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