May 2022 Update

Hi, everyone!

We have had a busy month.

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a grant from The Skinner group for £700 to continue the restoration of the Guardroom and associated rooms.

Unfortunately. Some sad news at the Fort this month, as we have had a break in, by a group of youths with some damage being caused to the Gates at the top of the Fort.  Luckily one of our volunteers Mark, was able to help us with repairs. Also Neal from JNP Technical came and installed some CCTV equipment to help with security on site. Thank you Mark and Neal.

Scaffolding made an appearance at the Fort and we have had our final 3 chimneys  built for us by a local builder, Martin Bean.

The casemates were filled with 27th All Saints Scout and Explorer troops on 21st May, who camped over for the weekend. They had a great time, sleeping in the Fort.

Finally, Slough Fort welcomed some children from Peninsula East Primary Academy for a day of activities. They had a great day and learnt lots about the history of the Fort. Many thanks to Neil and Catharina for organising and running this day.

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