The Educational Team at Slough Fort is dedicated to delivering a rewarding and enjoyable experience for young students visiting the fort. From interactive career workshops, hands on activities around the museum’s collections to environmental and sustainable projects, we want students to have the chance to learn and engage in an enjoyable and historical environment.

Find out more about what we offer, whether on group visits for children, or career workshops for older visitors.

During your school visit


At Slough Fort we provide free parking and also coach parking, but these must be booked in advance at time of school booking.


Slough Fort is a restoration fort, therefore its ground is uneven. If you would like to check out access around the building, please come for a pre visit. We deeply regret to inform that we haven’t got access for PD students yet but provisions are putting in place for future bookings.


Please be aware that if you arrive later than your booked session, we may have to cut it down.


There is one toilet available near the Slough Fort Museum. Children should be supervised at all times, and the toilet should be left in a suitable state for other visitors.

Group lunchroom

You are welcome to bring packed lunches and space is automatically allocated when workshops are booked. To preserve the Fort, no food or drink can be consumed outside the designated areas. If the weather is good, you are welcome to sit outside for a picnic. We ask that floors are swept and tables wiped down after use, and rubbish thrown away. Brooms/dustpan and brushes are provided.

Gift Shop

The museum is currently only taking cash payments. Sorry for the inconvenience. The Museum Shop has a variety of items including historical magazines and books, military badges, belt buckles, toys, helmets, bullet cases and souvenirs of Slough Fort.

Careers Workshop

These sessions are created specifically for a KS3, 4 or 5 audience.

Please email for costs.

Careers Workshop; Suitable for KS3,4,5  60 minute workshop and 30 minute lunch.

This takes students through the different roles within the museum, focusing on soft and hard skills that the Fort provides to the volunteers and young Trustees, such as tour guide, curator assistant, painter, maintenance assistant, shop assistant, marshal, etc. It also includes a handling activity for students to talk about which areas they would like to explore and which skills they would like to develop. 

An adapted version of this workshop is available for KS2/Y6.

Please email for more information.


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