The Slough Fort Preservation Trust (SFPT) was formed from the initial Parish Council led community project back in 2012, which had itself been formed to engage the local community in seeking to secure the long-term restoration and development of the Fort as a community asset and potential tourist attraction. SFPT was created in October 2016, resulting from a public meeting held to decide on the best way forward in respect of securing the long-term future of the Slough Fort.

The Slough Fort Preservation Trust has the following aims:

(1)   The preservation of Slough Fort’s buildings and the surrounding area.

(2)   The advancement of education

(3)   The advancement of citizenship and community development including promotion of volunteering and of community capacity building

(4)   Advancement of arts, culture heritage and science

(5)   Undertake charitable purposes for the greater social good, and working with those socially disadvantaged and disabled

There are currently seven Trustees that formulates The Trust, which currently meets monthly to conduct its business. The Trust continues to develop its volunteer base which carries out regular work days on the Fort with the support of Bourne Leisure and Historic England. We are always on the look out for new people to join the Trust, please email if you are interested and would like to find out more details of what it entails.

An application was made to the Charity Commission for charitable status, in January 2017, and charitable status was confirmed in 2018.

The Vision for the future of Slough Fort

It is our intention to secure the long-term preservation and development of Slough Fort as a community asset. That will enhance our community by providing flexibly usable space for local activities, whilst also acting as a focus for the military defence history of the Hoo Peninsula. To this aim we see the Fort being restored and interpreted, to reflect its important role in the defence of the Thames estuary in conjunction with other fortifications and military sites.

We believe that its long-term future can only be safeguarded through the sensitive development of the commercial opportunities the fort may offer to sustain it as both a potential tourist destination and a hub for community activities and craft-based ventures. This will be achieved through working in partnership with our community, Bourne Leisure, Allhallows Parish Council, Medway Council, Historic England, and our neighbours.


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